70 Years And Growing

Through the years, four generations from several families have worshiped at Robinson Geca Church. Grandparents, parents, children and grand-children have claimed God’s Son, Jesus Christ as their Savior and one day will all be joined together in our Heavenly home.

A Church is not just a building. It is a group of people meeting together, growing in love for their Savior, and caring for each other. A small Church can be a place of great solace, and faithful service for God and to others. Robinson Grace Church is a testimony of love and support for children and young people who are the future of God’s Church world wide. It is a testimonyof obedience to Hebrews 10:25 “..do not neglect the assembling of yourselves togehter” in order to encourage each other and to worship our loving, forgiving, graious and awesome God together as a Church family.

So concludes the first seventy years of history of Robinson Grace Church, and it’s pastors, their families, officers, teachers, leaders, families and friends. There were many people and many activities, but only one God and one Savior guiding through the Holy Spirit from the begining, forever faithful. We are all a apart of His plan. To Him be the glory!

A new chapter has now begun and His plan for Robinson Grace Church continues on!

Author: Echo Davis
Contributors: Psstor Emeritus Bob Davis, Nance Davis, Dora Bryant, Marilyn Crandle Glick and Lucille Kruithoff

Check out our history

Sunday School | March 1935

God moved in the hearts of people and a Sunday School began in March 1935.The first pastor Jim VerLee, was also the Sunday School Superintendent resigned August 29th 1943.

The Beginning | March 15, 1945

Pastor Gordon Krause was installed August 29th 1943 ,he and his family of five sons served for four and half years. On March 15, 1945 the Church was incorporated in the state of Michigan under the name of Robinson Grace Tabernacle.

Pastor Al VandenBosch | April 1948

On April 1, 1948, Pastor Al VandenBosch, a Grace Pastor, accepted the call to pastor the Church. He lived and worked in Grand Rapids. After two years of minstry he resigned due to ill health.

Pastor Floyd Baker | 1950

In 1950 the Church called Floyd Baker to be their pastor. Pastor Baker along with his wife, Irene, were also the Youth Group leaders. In 1957 the Church began building the parsonage next door to the Church. The parsonge was completed in 1960 and the Bakers along with their three children moved in. After 12 years of ministry, Pastor Baker accepted the call to Berean Grace Church in Genoa City, WI.

The Basement Completed | November 1952

Some land next to the township cemetery was donated by Lester Crandle. Plans were drawn up, a loan secured and capable men with a prayerful heart for the Lord began building. Four years later, when the basement was completed, the Church moved the piano into the basement and held their first service on November 9, 1952.

Pastor Ken Peebles | January 1963

In January 1963, Pastor Ken Peebles, a graduate of Grace Bible College, accepted the call and he and his wife, Nancy, and their three sons moved into the parsonage. Pastor Peebles resigned and left for a church in California in July of 1965.

Pastor Bob Davis accepts the call | January 1966

Pastor Bob Davis, a graduate of Bob Jones University and former Youth for Christ Director preached his first sermon on the first Sunday January, 1966. His wife, Echo, and daughter, Nance, moved into the parsonage in June 1966.

Pastor Bill takes the reigns | October 2004

On Sunday October 2, 2004 Pastor Bill Russell preached his first official sermon. A graduate of Grace Bible College and former pastor of Sonshine Community Church. He and his wife, Tricia, enjoy spending time with their two children.

We move to our current location | April 2016

After years of praying and discussions on growing our Church building, God answered prayers. We sold our Church property on North Cedar and puchased a different building on 120th Avenue. The new building is all on ground level and increased the size of our worship center.