Two Approaches To God

In this conversation, Jesus has been invited into the home of Simon a Pharisee.  As He is enjoying a meal with Simon a woman enters the room.  (Actually she is known as a woman of the city, a reference to a questionable reputation and lifestyle.  In other words people look down on her, probably because of her profession.). This woman enters the room, approaches Jesus and begins to anoint His feet with this ointment.  As tears begin to flow, she washes his feet with her tears and her hair.  It is a beautiful expression of worship and gratitude.  By contrast the religious man Simon, is taken aback that Jesus would permit this woman with such questionable behavior to let down her hair and touch His feet, let alone be in His presence.  It is at this point that Jesus turns to Simon and the conversation really begins.  In this sermon special Guest Harold Kimble, challenges us in how we approach God.