The Dependable Word
Bill Russell   -  

The Bible, can we trust it?
Some of the Bible was written
as far back as 1500 years before Jesus.
The New Testament was written 2,000
years ago in the time of Jesus.

Can a document that old
really be trustworthy?

In week 2 of the series
we look at the evidence for why
the Bible can indeed be trusted!
In fact we will actually use
the Bible to prove the Bible!

It is a powerful testimony
to the accuracy and reliability
of God’s Word.

It gets even better though,
as we will look at, not only the
THEOLOGICAL evidence for the Bible,
But the PRACTICAL evidence
for the Bible as well.

In the end, this is a Book to be lived-out!
And when we do live it out, we will…

Build stronger relationships,
Know deeper contentment,
Experience Greater joy,
Find a Safer Refuge, and
Discover our Truest Worth.

We can Trust God’s Word
It is an Expression of God’s Love!

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