The Church That Looks and Loves Like Jesus
Bill Russell   -  

“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!”

This is, one of Jesus most memorable lines.
With no concern for an everyday woman,
the religious establishment in Jesus day,
use this woman to try and entrap Jesus.

Jesus though, turns the tables on these
judgmental and hypocritical religious folk.
He humbles them, all while offering
some much needed grace,
to a hurting woman.

If you love this memorable story,
then you will enjoy the lessons learned
and observations made, in this message.
In it we see a PARADOX, that really isn’t
a paradox at all. It is rather a PICTURE.
It is a picture of Jesus,
as John describes Him for us,
living a life full of Grace and Truth!

As Christians, who are supposed to be
“The Body of Christ,” this message then,
leaves us looking inward to see,
if we are truly living the “Christ-Life?”
The life marked by Truth and Grace.

The Christ-Life is The Life
Marked By Grace and Truth!

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