Finding The Cross In The Creation
Bill Russell   -  

Fill In The Blank Notes

When it comes to how we understand
the Creation Account in the Bible,
an interesting relationship emerges.
That is the relationship between
Creation week and Passion week.

In this message we go looking for
What we find is that it is important
that we take the Bible at its word
and hold to a literal understanding
of the Creation Account.

This means that no matter what
Modern Science may want to claim,
The earth is not 4-5 billions years old,
it is in fact 6,000 years old.
We know this to be true, because
we can find the cross in the Creation!
We can see the Redeemer in the Creation!
The bottom line is that the Gospel must
impact how we view and understand
the original creation week!

The implications are theological,
spiritual and personal!