Being Grateful for the Glory of Creation
Bill Russell   -  

Fill In The Blank Notes

How old is the earth?
Google (quoting scientists) says the earth
is approximately 4.5 billion years old!
The Bible on the other hand, says the earth
is only 6 thousand years old!

The question is, “WHO is right?”

At the same time, and relative to that first question,
“what about Genesis 1-11, are we to take these
chapters of the Bible LITERALLY, or are they
only POETRY or say an ALLEGORY?“

“When it comes to understanding the creation,
that is all around us, what role should
our modern science play?

In this message that look deeply into
the wonders of the universe
and the Glory of Creation,
we come to understand that
when it comes to pondering creation
the WHO question is far more important
than the HOW question!