We have all see the professional golfer, wearing the hat with the Titleist logo and promoting their brand of golf balls. Then there is the basketball player, with the swoosh symbol on their shoes, selling you the Nike brand. Or there is even the Tennis player, with the Champion logo proudly on their T-Shirt. Brands, we know them, wear them, trust them and promote them!

In 2 Corinthians 5, Paul applies a bit off this logic to us as Christians. Paul says that when I was saved, I was more than just saved. I was transformed into a New Creation, reconciled to God and set apart as a Brand Ambassador for Christ! Now I speak for Christ in this world. God now speaks through me. Now Christ is trying to reach the world, using my testimony intermingled with His Brand!

Of all things, we are first and foremost called to live the Resurrection life of Jesus everyday, as we “work less and trust more!” The question is though, what does it look like when I live Christ and bear His Brand in the world today? Join us Sunday Mornings at 10:00 as we discover the wonder and fulfillment of being a BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR CHRIST!