This Summer we are going “BACK TO THE FUTURE” for a second time. We have done this previously, looking at Noah, Abraham, Moses and more. Once again though, we will be “Finding the Hope of the FUTURE in the stories of the PAST! After Jesus resurrected from the grave, to answer the disciples questions and to reassure them that they were truly engaging with the Resurrected Christ, the Bible says Jesus took them to Sunday School! Here is how Luke explains it in His letter. Luke 24:27 BSB
And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He explained to them what was written in all the Scriptures about Himself. In other words Jesus went back to the O.T. and using the famous Jewish stories of the Heroes of the Faith, (and the words of the Prophets,) he showed how they all pointed to Him! In fact He showed how they had all foretold the events that had just unfolded in the crucifixion and resurrection.
Too often today, when we look at those well known O.T. Bible Stories, we miss the main moral of the story, and that is the Good News that is our in Christ! In other words, for 4,000 years, The Bible was telling us the story of Jesus the Messiah and the victory that HE would secure for us all! Those stories then are not as much about OUR Faith as they are HIS! Join us then this Summer, as we look at the wonder, the power and the glory of these Stories of old. These are the stories that spoke of our Hope in the future all while they shape our faith of today!