More To The Story – Easter 2022

Bill Russell   -  

The Bible is an amazing book. It is actually, 66 Books, almost 1200 chapters, by 40 different Authors, over 4,000 years. Yet what is most amazing and what proves it is truly divine in nature, is that despite all of that, the Bible has one central Theme. I like to say that the Bible is a “Portrait of Christ” that tells the “Gospel Story.” In fact sometimes the Gospel (or Good News,) shows up unexpectedly in a Bible Story. Sometimes, many times, there is MORE to the story than you first imagined! In fact in a parallel fashion, did you know that there was MORE to YOUR STORY? The truth is, sometimes we are surprised by how and where the Good News actually shows up in our own life story. So let’s prepare our hearts for Easter these next 7 weeks, as we travel through the Gospels with Jesus and discover that there is indeed “MORE TO THE STORY!”
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